Before / After School

beAt Smart Start Academy, we offer an enriching before and after school care program tailored to meet the dynamic needs of busy families and the developmental needs of children. Our program is an exceptional blend of nurturing care, educational support, and recreational activities, ensuring a seamless transition for children between school and home.

In the mornings, children are greeted with a warm and stimulating environment where they can enjoy breakfast, setting them up for a successful day at school. Early morning activities include a mix of quiet reading, puzzles, and interactive group activities, fostering a sense of calm and readiness for the school day.

After school, our program transforms into a haven of unwinding and enrichment. We understand the importance of balancing academic support with leisure, so our dedicated staff provides personalized homework help to ensure each child keeps up with their academic progress. This is complemented by a variety of recreational activities like arts and crafts, outdoor play, and technology-based learning, promoting relaxation and creative engagement. An afternoon snack and drink are also provided to replenish energy levels and keep children hydrated.

During school holidays and breaks, Smart Start Academy extends its care with all-day programs. These programs are rich with educational workshops, field trips, and recreational activities, keeping children engaged and stimulated in a fun and safe environment. Special events and projects during these periods offer unique learning experiences and exciting challenges.

For parents, our program offers flexibility and convenience with easy drop-off and pick-up times. We keep parents connected to their child’s experiences and progress with regular updates, ensuring peace of mind.

Smart Start Academy is more than just a care program – it’s a community dedicated to nurturing the potential of every child, academically, socially, and creatively. Join us and watch your child thrive in an environment where they are cared for, supported, and inspired!

*** Transportation option is provided for students who attend Citta Elementary School.