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Smart Start Academy welcomes you to the pre-school years. Our program is designed to boost your child’s fascinations and enrich their skills.

This is where your child’s formal learning years begin. We realize that for many children this is their first opportunity to experience interaction with a large group of children on a day-to-day basis. We, therefore, place a large emphasis on socialization and sharing techniques, as well as on educational areas such as vocabulary, language, large motor skills, and fine motor skills. We begin to focus on shape and color recognition, in addition to the exposure of letters and numbers.

Our staff is trained to encourage your child through the journey of exploration.

Pre – Kindergarten

Smart Start Academy has developed a program, which focuses on preparing your child for their first formal school education.

With The Creative Curriculum: Preschool® edition, your child will learn through play. They will be provided many opportunities to increase their socialization with open-ended questions and exploration through play scenarios. This curriculum offers age-appropriate, hands-on experiences to motivate children and to promote their social, emotional, intellectual, aesthetic, and physical development. We also emphasize the reinforcement of shapes and colors yet begin to stress the importance of recognizing letters and numbers through various small group activities. As a part of the Curriculum, there is also a social studies/ science, mathematics, and literacy component.

Your child will be prepared and ready to learn upon entering their kindergarten classroom.

About Academy

Smart Start Academy was founded in 2000 as a school for early childhood education. It started as a dream, became a reality, and is now celebrating a wonderfully successful past and future. We are a family owned and operated school with children’s best interests at heart.

In 2019 we successfully achieved a 3 Star Rating through the Grow NJ Kids Program, New Jerseys Quality Rating Improvement System for Early Childhood Education.

We use Creative Curriculum® in all of our classrooms. The curriculum is of the highest quality covering all basic skills areas. We strive to create a learning environment that stimulates, encourages, and rewards. In addition, we provide a loving, nurturing environment with lots of hugs. We truly believe that education is the number one reason for children to be at Smart Start Academy with socialization, team play, and the arts as wonderful accessories.

We pride ourselves on our achievements and the wonderful staff at Smart Start Academy and know your child, whether an infant or pre-k student, will have his/her life enriched by his/her experiences at our school.

We have worked hard to make Smart Start Academy your child’s home away from home. Please join us.

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