Infants / Waddlers

infant play area

waddler play area

Infants 6 weeks – 12 months / Waddlers 12 – 18 months
Smart Start Academy offers the environment you most want for your little ones during those times when you cannot be with them. We, as childcare givers and moms ourselves, understand the feelings you encounter when taking the first step towards childcare. Understanding your child’s needs and your family’s needs is very important to us. Our goal is to gain the trust you need to have peace of mind while away.

Communication is the key to happy care. In our infant center, you will find a caring staff that understands what your baby truly needs. All our babies are held during bottle feedings to give them a safe, nurturing feeling. We work with you to ensure your baby’s home and care schedules are similar to allow for happy and well-adjusted babies. You will find a safe atmosphere that protects your baby while allowing discovery skills to develop. You’ll find that Smart Start Academy provides your infant with all of his or her needs.