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infantsSmart Start Academy offers the environment you most want for your little ones during those times when you cannot be with them. We, as childcare givers and moms ourselves, understand the feelings you encounter when taking the first step towards childcare. Understanding your child’s needs and your family’s needs is very important to us. Our goal is to gain the trust you need to have peace of mind while away.

Communication is the key to happy care. In our infant center, you will find a caring staff that understands what your baby truly needs. All our babies are held during bottle feedings to give them a safe, nurturing feeling. We work with you to ensure your baby’s home and care schedules are similar to allow for happy and well-adjusted babies. You will find a safe atmosphere that protects your baby while allowing discovery skills to develop. You’ll find that Smart Start Academy provides your infant with all of his or her needs.


presc2Smart Start Academy has developed a program, which is geared to meet the ever-changing and ever-growing needs of your child. At this stage in their development, your child is striving to make choices of their own.

Our DLM Early Childhood Program by McGraw-Hill provides many opportunities to fulfill their academic requirements. This curriculum offers age-appropriate, hands-on experiences to motivate children and to promote their social, emotional, intellectual, aesthetic, and physical development. We continue with the reinforcement of shapes and colors, yet begin to stress the importance of recognizing letters and numbers.

Our goal is to provide an environment where your child can socially interact, learn, be creative, and discover in a positive and fun way.


toddlrSmart Start Academy encourages their toddlers to explore in a safe environment. They are fascinated by just about everything, from a noise to an object. Our staff is trained to encourage their sense of curiosity while also providing quality care throughout your child’s day. Our toddler room is a wonderful place to discover, play, and learn.

Our well thought out program introduces numerous interests in the eyes of a toddler. Our creative weekly curriculum includes large motor skills, fine motor skills, language development, socialization skills, and much more. We are pleased to welcome you and your family to our family; and hope to make your child’s first learning years the very best.

Summer Camp Fun

Our summer day camp program is designed to enrich children in activities they enjoy. Theme weeks combined with sports, water play, arts & crafts, music, and field trips fill days with excitement and fun. The program is uniquely designed for every age group. Schedules vary and are customizable.

1. From June (once school is out) through August (until school starts)
2. Open from 6AM to 6PM
3. Breakfast, Lunch and Snack are provided at no additional cost
4. Swimming
5. Arts & Crafts
6. Music
7. Academic Enrichment
8. Sports Activities
9. Weekly Fun Trips

Before and After School

Smart Start Academy provides a wonderful before and after school care program, where the children get to fine-tune their social skills as well as unwind after a full day at school. We will supply the children with breakfast, an afternoon snack and drink. Our staff will also assist any child with homework in our aftercare program. We also provide all day care on school holidays and during school breaks.

The teachers help the children finish their homework, and then provide a variety of fun and age appropriate activities. .

*** As of September of 2015, Smart Start Academy will provide a transportation option for students who attend elementary schools in surrounding areas.


Smart Start Academy has chosen a curriculum based on educational research. Your child will have the early literacy skills needed to become accomplished readers and writers.The Open Court Reading program, also used in the public kindergarten, provides instruction in all areas of a balanced literacy program: speaking, listening, reading, writing, thinking, and viewing.The program features systematic, explicit instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics, and comprehension word knowledge, along with extensive reading of decodable text and fine literature.

The literature-based curriculum, coupled with mathematics, will assist your child to a successful transition into First Grade.

Pre – Kindergarten

Smart Start Academy has developed a program, which focuses on preparing your child for their first formal school education.The Open Court Reading Pre-K curriculum is designed to introduce young children to the basics of literacy. This program will also provide your child with the tools needed to develop a solid reading foundation. The lesson plans contain activities designed to build:

1. Phonemic awareness
2. Print and book awareness
3. Alphabetic knowledge
4. Oral Language
5. Vocabulary Comprehension

This is the preliminary curriculum to the full Open Court Reading program that is used in the Toms River School System. Your child will be prepared and ready to learn upon entering their kindergarten classroom.


prescSmart Start Academy welcomes you to the pre-school years. Our program is designed to boost your child’s fascinations and enrich their skills.

This is where your child’s formal learning years begin. We realize that for many children this is their first opportunity to experience interaction with a large group of children on a day-to-day basis. We, therefore, place a large emphasis on socialization and sharing techniques, as well as on educational areas such as vocabulary, language, large motor skills, and fine motor skills. We begin to focus on shape and color recognition, in addition to the exposure of letters and numbers.

Our staff is trained to encourage your child through the journey of exploration.