Preparing them for kindergarten / end year with graduation ceremony

At Smart Start Academy, our meticulously developed program, centered around The Creative Curriculum: Preschool® edition, prepares children for the journey of formal school education by stimulating their innate curiosity and love for learning through a play-based approach.


At Smart Start Academy, we have meticulously developed a program designed to prepare your child for the exciting journey of formal school education. Our program, centered around The Creative Curriculum: Preschool® edition, is crafted to stimulate your child’s innate curiosity and love for learning through a play-based approach.

In this curriculum, your child will be engaged in a variety of playful yet educational activities. These activities are carefully planned to provide numerous opportunities for socialization, critical thinking, and exploration. By using open-ended questions and encouraging children to create and navigate play scenarios, we promote the development of vital communication and problem-solving skills.

The Creative Curriculum offers age-appropriate, hands-on experiences that are not only enjoyable but also crucial in motivating children. This approach fosters their social, emotional, intellectual, aesthetic, and physical development. We understand the importance of a balanced curriculum that nurtures all aspects of a child’s growth.

An integral part of our curriculum includes a strong focus on foundational academic skills. While we emphasize the reinforcement of shapes and colors, we also begin to introduce the concepts of letter and number recognition. This is done through various engaging small group activities, tailored to capture the interest of young learners and to suit their learning pace.

Moreover, our curriculum is rich in content across various disciplines. It includes dedicated components for social studies and science, mathematics, and literacy. These components are designed to build a solid base of knowledge and understanding in these key areas, preparing children for more structured learning in the future.

Our aim is to ensure that your child is not only ready for kindergarten but excited about learning. We focus on building a strong foundation that will support them in their academic journey. At Smart Start Academy, we strive to equip your child with the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to thrive in their kindergarten classroom and beyond.

Join us at Smart Start Academy, where we are committed to providing an enriching, nurturing, and stimulating environment for your child’s early learning adventures. We look forward to being a part of your child’s journey towards a lifelong love of learning.